Wei-Kai Lai

Dr. Wei-Kai Lai had always loved mathematics since he was in junior high school. He continued to study and enjoy it until he reached college and decided to make it his major in undergraduate. He was mainly driven by following his passion. At first, he never thought about becoming an educator and initially considered working in some form of research. He decided to study abroad, applying to a school in the United States. In America, he received a number of opportunities that ended up making him stay all of these years later. He first earned a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from National Taiwan University in 1998 and continued at the institution to receive a Master of Science in mathematics in 2000. Upon relocating to the United States, Dr. Lai received a PhD in mathematics at the University of Mississippi in 2008. From 2008 to 2919, he served as an instructor at the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie and was invited to the post of assistant professor at the institution in 2010. He remained in this role for five years, becoming an associate professor. In 2019, Dr. Lai became a full professor at the institution.

In addition to these roles, Dr. Lai has held a number of positions and posts that display his passion and expertise in the field. Since 2018, he has served as a mentor in the Mathematical Association of American Southeastern Section Mentor Network. He has been the Vice-Chair for Two Year Colleges with the Mathematical Association of American Southeastern Section since 2016. That same year, he started as a paper reviewer for the Canadian Open Calculus Journal, the Canadian Open Pure Mathematics and the Canadian Open Analytic Geometry Journal.  In 2009, he became the organizer of the Carolina Mathematics Seminar.  He is also a paper reviewer for the Journal of Mathematics and System Science, the Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science and Advance in Pure Mathematics.

Dr. Lai’s achievements include submitting solutions to the problems; H-825, B-1248, B-1247, B-1246, H-833, B-1245, B-1244, B-1241, H-813, B-1240, B-1239, B-1236 and B-1235 in The Fibonacci Quarterly, among others. He has also submitted solutions to The College of Mathematics and The American Mathematical Monthly. He maintains affiliation with the Mathematical Association of America and the Carolina Mathematics Seminar.


Denise Shaw Excellence in Research Award (2018)

USC Salkehatchie Service Award (2016)

Excellence in Teaching Award (2015)

John J. Duffy Excellence in Teaching Award (2013)

USC Salkehatchie Professor of the Year (2012)

Excellence in Scholarship Award

Civic Engagements

Officer of the South Eastern Region, Medical Association of America

Organizer, Carolina Mass Seminar

Officer Low Country International Society

Singer, Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus

Cantor, Music Leader, St. Anthony Catholic Church Choir

Knights of Columbus Council

Campus Representative, Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation

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